Q&A: Ishaan Kumar Creator of MongoVUE

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One “soft spot” of MongoDB is it’s lack of any official GUI tools.

There are a number of web-based tools out there, and their feature set is growing but until recently there were no clients for the most popular OS in the world: Windows.


That is all starting to change and one person helping that happen is Ishaan Kumar creator of MongoVUE a Windows GUI for MongoDB.

While still in it’s early stages MongoDB is a great tool to help you learn and administer MongoDB. We reached out to Ishann to ask him a few questions about MongoVUE, it’s features and it’s future …

Stay tuned for more Q & As in the coming weeks and months we have a number of them lined up with high profile people in the MongoDB community!

Feel free to ask any further questions of Ishaan in the comments or visit the MongoVUE blog or download it here.

Q & A With Ishann Kumar

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a software developer based in India and have worked on a number of different technologies and programming languages. I work on MongoVUE in my spare time.

Why did you create MongoVUE?

When I started using MongoDB, I searched online for GUI tools or applications. I found a few web based projects but no native applications for Windows OS. So I decided to create one as I strongly feel that the speed and flexibility of a desktop app cannot match that of a web based app.

What interesting challenges have you encountered using Mongo with a Windows desktop app?

A few [of] my users are successfully using MongoVUE for administering their production environment.

Sam Corder and other programmers have done an excellent work with the C# driver which is used in MongoVUE. That made interacting with the server easy.

The challenge was to keep the GUI fast and spiffy. So I resorted to using Lazy Loading pattern and Asynchronous programming for increasing (perceived) speed. A bit of work is still pending in this area – for example, making the GUI non-blocking when a command is executed.

What are some of your short term goals for MongoVUE?

There are a few basic features missing in MongoVUE, like

  • Inline editing / Updating
  • GridFS support

The short term goal is to get these built in MongoVUE and to enhance the usability of existing features. You can see the roadmap here.

What are some of your longer term goals for MongoVUE?

The project goal is to keep innovating and building good features in MongoVUE. Some items that I’d like to explore long term are:

  • Support for Linux through Mono.
  • An interactive shell like the one that comes with MongoDB.
  • Data Visualizations – ability to fetch data not just as a series of documents but as interactive charts and models. Some preliminary work in this area will be available in the next release 0.3.1.
  • Data Modeling and Schema design. Although MongoDB is schemaless, there is much value in having a documented schema model for collaboration and communication in team members.

Putting MongoVUE aside, what excites you most about MongoDB?

MongoDB with its web scale and rich query language makes it a compelling choice for large projects. What excites me most about MongoDB is that it unleashes a new paradigm in representing and storing data models which were difficult to achieve in the relational world.


Feel free to ask any further questions of Ishaan in the comments or visit the MongoVUE blog or download it here.

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  • http://twitter.com/zippy1981 Justin Dearing


    Do you have any plans to open source MongoVUE, or offer an enhanced par for version?

  • Aka

    a direct terminal to mongoDB from mongoVUE is something that would be really useful !

  • Steve_winchester

    I have tried to buy the standard licenses offered for MongoVUE and am having trouble getting them.  Does anyone know how to get the licensed version?

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