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Q&A: MongoHQ (MongoDB Hosting)

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TweetAs the interest in MongoDB heats up in the devlopement comunity you might be asking yourself  … “I’m no DBA, I don’t want to maintian my own server … do any web hosts offer MongoDB?” The anwser generally is no, however there are a few smaller start up that are seeking to fill that void [...]


Q&A: Kyle Banker Author of MongoDB in Action

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TweetKyle Banker is a Software Engineer at 10gen (the company responsible for creating and maintaining MongoDB.) At 10gen, Kyle maintains the MongoDB Ruby Driver and supports the Ruby developer community. He is also currently authoring the upcoming book MongoDB in Action. Kyle has given a number of talks at various conventions as well as at MongoDB conferences in San Fransisco, New [...]


Q&A: Ishaan Kumar Creator of MongoVUE

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TweetOne “soft spot” of MongoDB is it’s lack of any official GUI tools. There are a number of web-based tools out there, and their feature set is growing but until recently there were no clients for the most popular OS in the world: Windows. MongoVUE That is all starting to change and one person helping that happen [...]