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Twitter 101: Store Tweets with MongoDB

in Drivers, PHP, Twitter

TweetTwitter has been changing their API and features so quickly that even planning out a structure to store tweets can be quite difficult. Luckily (compared to other, relational DB’s) MongoDB makes that much less of a problem with its schema-less documents. To start things off let’s a get a few prerequisites checked off our list … [...]


Q&A: MongoHQ (MongoDB Hosting)

in Q & A

TweetAs the interest in MongoDB heats up in the devlopement comunity you might be asking yourself  … “I’m no DBA, I don’t want to maintian my own server … do any web hosts offer MongoDB?” The anwser generally is no, however there are a few smaller start up that are seeking to fill that void [...]


MongoDB and 64-bit Integers in PHP

in PHP, Twitter

TweetIf you’ve ever needed to work with PHP’s MongoDB driver and large integers (which Twitter and Facebook use for id’s) you might have run into a problem … Derick Rethans documents this problem at length at his post here … [A] Facebook UserID … [uses] a “64-bit int datatype”. Unfortunately, the MongoDB PHP Driver only had support for 32-bit [...]