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Q&A: Ishaan Kumar Creator of MongoVUE

in GUI, Q & A

TweetOne “soft spot” of MongoDB is it’s lack of any official GUI tools. There are a number of web-based tools out there, and their feature set is growing but until recently there were no clients for the most popular OS in the world: Windows. MongoVUE That is all starting to change and one person helping that happen [...]


Quick Tip: MongoDB Distinct Count

in Querying, Quick Tip

TweetOne query SQL users are pretty used to writing is DISTINCT with COUNT() to get the number if distinct (unique) rows that match a statement like … SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT(PageURL)) FROM LogTable; This rather simple query will get us back the number of unique PageURL’s in our LogTable … not an amazingly useful query but you get [...]


MongoDB+PHP: Install and Connect

in PHP

TweetThis is Part 1 of a series of short posts on how to use MongoDB with PHP. Installing MongoDB support for PHP is really easy!  Here’s a short howto guide for installing MongoDB for PHP and preforming a simple query. Install MongoDB for PHP Support Unix/Linux Via your command line run pecl: $ sudo pecl install mongo [...]


MongoDB 32bit is Limited to ~2.5GB, Why?

in Administration

TweetIf you have a 32bit server and are running MongoDB you may have noticed that MongoDB 32bit is limited to ~2.5GB databases, why? Simple anwser … MongoDB embrarses the future, and the future is 64bit! The nerdy (and more complicated) answer is down to how MongoDB’s storage engine works. Storage Engine The MongoDB storage engine (that stores and [...]

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Quick Tip: Return Only 1 Field

in Querying, Quick Tip

TweetSay you have a log of hits to your podcast, something like … { “_id” : ObjectId(“4c6c753800ae261d80000009″), “podcastID” : 1, “remoteUserIP” : “″, “remoteUserSession” : “gpn1vz1crveoqtgtlbh1tgd1″, “remoteUserAgent” : “iTunes/9.2.1 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.6.4) AppleWebKit/533.17.8″, “created” : { “date” : “8/18/2010″, “time” : “5:05:12 PM” } } To get a quick snapshot of hits [...]